On November 30, we are celebrating Giving Tuesday: a day that encourages people to do good! The movement started in 2012 and has grown to a global level ever since. The goal of Giving Tuesday is to encourage people to donate to charities, and for employers to match their employees’ donations.


Our mission at Women In Identity is to inspire, elevate and support a more diverse workforce in the digital identity industry. In doing so, we support innovation and the growth of our sector by ensuring that identity solutions are built for everyone, by everyone #ForAllByAll.


Our WiD Ambassador Dia Banerji explains why identity matters to her: 

Why WiD?

As the world transitions to a digital economy, digital identity becomes of utmost importance. It is the gateway for everyone to access products & services & forms the very backbone of social & financial inclusion. At Women in Identity, we want to make sure that every individual is represented in digital identity solutions. We do this by influencing the identity industry and creating awareness of the importance of diversity.     


One such exciting initiative is our Code of Conduct project which is aimed at enhancing diversity in the workplace. 

Your donations will help WiD...

  • Keep our memberships free

  • Support local identity events in the community

  • Support women in the Identity Industry: speaker development, intern development and job advertisements

  • Conduct research: market analysis, best practice and guidance

  • Thought Leadership: conference keynotes, blogs and media commentary

  • Collaboration: workshops, member meet-ups and participation at industry events




How to donate?

Step 1: Select an amount and complete the process to donate. (You’ll automatically receive a receipt via email!)

Step 2: Check if your organisation matches donations and your own internal process to submit.

Step 3: Send your donation receipt to your organisation.

Step 4: Your organisation matches your donation! 

Step 5: You have got us one step closer to creating an egalitarian & inclusive world. Thank you. 


Funded: £20.00
Goal: £2,200.00