Diversity iconCommitted to Diversity
We champion a more diverse workforce, inclusive of all, to enter, and work, and advance in the identity industry. This is to reduce bias and develop identity solutions and systems that work for all.




change iconCatalysts for Change
We provide industry thought leadership, research and education around bias, diversity and inclusion and its importance in the identity industry and orthogonal industries.




opportunity iconCreators of Opportunity
We create opportunities for more diverse representation across industry events, diverse in relation to gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and social status, both as speakers, contributors, participants, and attendees.




support iconSupportive and Non-Egotistical
We highlight and elevate others. We will encourage those talented people who already do great work, but who may not be represented or equally highlighted in our sector.




responsible iconAccountable and Responsible
We conduct all our work with full responsibility and accountability.




ethical iconTransparent and Ethical
We are transparent and ethical in relation to communications and reporting, funding and expenditure.





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