Women in Identity (WiD) is a volunteer-run, international not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion across the identity industry.

Our mission is ‘To drive the digital identity industry to build solutions with diverse teams to promote universal access which enables civic, social and economic empowerment around the world’.

In doing so, we aspire to support innovation and the growth of our sector by ensuring that Identity solutions are:

‘Built FOR Everyone BY Everyone’



Core Priorities:


  • Research – Women in Identity will conduct research projects that are focused on inclusion in identity that support our mission of building products for all, by all. The research will provide practical outcomes for the identity industry but will also provide other opportunities for WiD to be seen as thought leaders in the space.

  • Job Board – The purpose of the Women in Identity job board is twofold: to further the careers of our members by amplifying opportunities in the digital identity industry, and to aid organizations in recruiting a more diverse workforce, which we believe will have an impact on inclusive identity product design. The job board is available to members via the WiD digital platform.

  • Influencing Policy & Regulation - Using output from research projects such as the Code of Conduct, Women in Identity will identify opportunities to provide resources to support influencing digital identity policy and regulation, resulting in a more inclusive Digital Identity industry


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